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Please read first

  • Ideally, perform without footwear and on the floor or another firm, hard surface. Do not use on a thick, soft floor mat, couch, or bed.
  • Never place the device under the belt or waist.
  • Stop if you feel pain.

Exercise #1 Hips: Cannonball into Jackknife then move BodyFulcrum for the core work

Important Device Positioning:

Exercise #2: Core Lift introduction

Please read detailed instructions below:

Click the link below to view core progression from beginner to more advanced.

Detailed instructions: Thick soft floor mats, couches, or beds are NOT recommended surfaces for use as this may cause injury. Stop if you feel pain:

Positioning Core Lift, read before watching the video:

  • Lay on your back and place the BodyFulcrum under your lower ribs and ABOVE THE BELLY BUTTON, Never directly beneath the waist or belt.
  • Point your index finger onto your belly button and trace a line around your waist directly down to the floor and your back to ensure that your finger does not touch the BodyFulcrum to confirm that it is above this line toward your ribs.
  • Never push downward with the feet for the core exercises, simply place the foot or feet on the floor. Hint, place an empty egg carton under the foot to keep from pushing downward.
  • Round your lower back by tightening and flattening your abs into the BodyFulcrum, feel your low back press into the foam. Rounding of your lower back is what raises the pelvis and buttocks upward, and not pressure through your feet.
  • This downward pressure becomes your balance point for the CORE and ABDOMINAL exercises.
  • Now, lift and hold your shoulders and head upward and feel more pressure sink through your low back into the BodyFulcrum. This is your balance point.
  • You may now begin the pelvic tilting, thrusting, and tucking your belly into the floor and the fulcrum. Do not continue to do more upper body sit-up movements, and do not press down with your feet to lift your pelvis. The abs should immediately start quivering as you move your pelvis up and your lower back presses firmly into the fulcrum. If your abs are not quivering then you are pressing with your feet, which is not effective.
  • The BodyFulcrum ® comes in two sizes: a 1-inch Premium and a 2-inch Extreme Height base. The Premium is perfect for 95% of the users. See the product descriptions on our Store page for more information about choosing. Basically, choose the Premium unless you absolutely fit the extreme height description or email us if you have questions.
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